Thank you for participating in our survey. PAASSC is an organization committed to providing support for African American youth in Chinese Immersion schools. We are seeking input from parents from diverse backgrounds that have their children enrolled in Chinese Immersion schools for us to develop a comprehensive understanding about issues of cultural competency and inclusion at Chinese Immersion school sites. This survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. This survey is for parents of children enrolled in Chinese Immersion schools. If you have more than one child enrolled in a Chinese Immersion school site please be sure to include the experiences of each child in the survey.
Does your child currently or have they ever attended a Chinese Immersion school site? *

If you do not or have not had a child enrolled in a Chinese Immersion school site we are requesting that you terminate the survey at this point.

What Chinese Immersion school does your child/ren attend? *

Is your child currently enrolled in a Chinese Immersion program. *

If your child is no longer enrolled in a Chinese Immersion program or has changed school sites, please explain why.

What grade/s is your child/ren enrolled in? *

What is your ethnic background? *

What is the ethnic background of your child's parent not answering this survey? *

Educational background (of parent completing survey) *

Educational background (of parent not completing this survey). *

What were the benefits and drawbacks you considered in making your decision to enroll your child in a Chinese Immersion school? *

What led you to choose this particular school for your child? *

What have been some of the actual benefits of having your child enrolled in this school? What about the disappointments? *

Do you think that the school acknowledges and supports your child's talents and abilities? Do you think social status plays a part? What about race? *

How has your child adjusted to this school? Do you think social status plays a part? What about race? *

Are you comfortable participating in school activities? Do you think social status plays a part? What about race? *

What has your child told you about his or her experience in this school related to race, class and diversity, and how have you responded? *

How much do you talk with your child about race and class? What topics do you discuss? *

How has the school addressed issues related to race and class? *

Do you think teachers address race and class in their lessons and/or activities? *

Is there a question NOT on this questionnaire that you would ask? If so, what is it, who would it be directed to, and what is the answer you would expect to receive? *

What recommendations would you make to the following groups to promote the success of African American students in this school? a) teachers, b) parents, c) administration, d) trustees *

On a scale of 1 to 5, how well does this school address issues of cultural diversity? *

On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to recommend your child's Chinese Immersion school site to your African American peers. *

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